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A couple of days back, my TV started to behave erratically…sometimes showing me the ‘No Signal from Dish’ error. It totally put me off as I am keen follower of the ongoing Olympic games in Rio.


This is what happens:-

1. Called up Tata Sky customer care (remember this is PAID call, no toll i spent about Rs 5 to fix an appointment with a technician)

2. Immediately got a call from the technician who says he will arrive in 1 hour. True to his words, he came. Very happy with the promptness.

3. He checked the signal strength and all was fine with set top box.

4. We went to the roof to check the antenna. There he saw that the antenna was not fix properly on the clamp. He complained that what i had for all those two years was just a temporary fix that tied together the shaft and the dish/disc with bolts and nuts. He told me that using the old clamp and the shaft will not give me good signals and problems will occur again.

5. So, he told me to replace the old dish with a new one and install a new clamp to the wall of the building for Rs 800! Left with no option, i complied.

Now, here are a few things I want to know from Tata Sky:-  

1. Is it common for your technicians to   replace old dish with a new one when the clamp becomes lose?

2. If Yes, what is the normal price of Tata Sky dish (only)price with clamp and installation.

3.  I paid the technician Rs 100+Rs 800 = Rs 900 for the re-installation.

[price of Tata Sky dish only, Tata Sky dish only price]

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