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Mobile apps are amazing these days! They can do smartest things you an never even dream of. However, there is a minus side to many of the popular applications that you are using. Now, let’s look at UC Browser, which is quite commonly used in India and China, where people want to save on data plan. This post will tell you why this Android based mobile phone browser should never be installed on your phone.

uc-browser-scamWhat it is UC Browser:- UC Browser is now one of the most popular Android based web browser in China and India. Due to its features like “fast mode” (to save data) and “incognito mode” (privacy) and “download video” etc features, lots of people are tempted to use it.

Now, why UC Browser Is Bad:- Tracking, Privacy and Security issues. No encryption of your data.

First: – If you are using UC Browser, then your search queries on the search box are directly sent to Yahoo India and Google without encryption.

Second: – Your smartphone’s IMSI number, IMEI number, Android ID and also your Wi-Fi MAC address are sent directly to Umeng (Alibaba analytics tool) without encryption again.

Third:- Your geolocation data (which includes longitude/latitude and even your street name) is sent to AMAP (an Alibaba mapping tool), without encryption again. This leaves you to high risk of being tracked by hackers or bad guys who can rob you by studying your movement patterns.

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