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MLA Salaries are decided by the states and they have they own rules. While Telangana MLAs earn the highest with Rs 2,50,000 per month, the legislators in Tripura make the least with with Rs 17,000.

A beutiful view of the Manipur Assembly in India.

A view of the Manipur Assembly in India where state legislators convene to debate and frame laws.

Here is the latest list of MLA salaries in India. We hope this information about MLA salaries will help you in understanding what your representatives are getting.

 State  MLA Salary
Telangana MLA Salary Rs.2,50,000
Delhi MLA Salary Rs.2,10,000
Uttar Pradesh MLA Salary Rs.1,87,000
Maharashtra MLA Salary Rs.1,50,000
Andhra Pradesh MLA Salary Rs.1,30,000
Himachal Pradesh MLA Salary Rs.1,25,000
Haryana MLA Salary Rs.1,15,000
Jharkhand MLA Salary Rs.1,11,000
Madhya Pradesh MLA Salary Rs.1,10,000
Chattisgarh MLA Salary Rs.1,10,000
Punjab MLA Salary Rs.1,00,000
Goa MLA Salary Rs.1,00,000
Bihar MLA Salary Rs.1,00,000
West Bengal MLA Salary Rs.96,000
Tamil Nadu MLA Salary Rs.80,000
Karnataka MLA Salary Rs.60,000
Sikkim MLA Salary Rs.52,000
Gujarat MLA Salary Rs.47,000
Kerala MLA Salary Rs.42,000
Rajastan MLA Salary Rs.40,000
Uttarakhand MLA Salary Rs.35,000
Meghalaya MLA Salary Rs.28,000
Arunachal Pradesh MLA Salary Rs.25,000
Assam MLA Salary Rs.20,000
Manipur MLA Salary Rs.18,500
Nagaland MLA Salary Rs.18,000
Tripura MLA Salary Rs.17,500

Please note that some of these paychecks were announced back in 2011 while others were fixed in 2016.  The salary often includes Basic pay, Travel Allowance, Constituency Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, etc. To get the exact figure you can always contact the Assembly Secretariat and file an RTI if the officials refuse to divulge information regarding salaries of MLAs.


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