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Is a scam or a legit website? The answer is very simple. It is a scam website!

Now, What is

Its owner is making false claims that you can make money online for visiting websites. It claims that all you need to having an access to the Internet and a social media account, preferably a Facebook account.

The website was registered on the 20th of September 2016 by someone name called James Pawlo. You never know if that will be his real name.

What’s the catch?

Making ‘how to make money online’ very simple! All you need to do is share the website link with all your friends on social media and when they click on your referral link, you get money. Easy right? The website also claims that you can make as much as US$300 a day. In addition, iniroots owner also claimed that he or she has already paid out over US$3,000,000 last year which we seriously doubt as the website was registered just few months back.

Before going further, let me tell you why this is a scam website

Despite the tall claims made by the owner/s of, we decided to create an account and see for ourselves if the business is legit. Registration is Free, so we signed up. Within 3 days we crossed the $100 payout threshold and requested for a payment via PayPal.

Here’s our account details:- 

iniroots scam or legitYes, as expected, we never get paid. Even worse – there was no response, even after 3 months.

So, is a scam site. Don’t even try it.

The owner is making money by placing lot of ads all across the website with confusing texts about making money online and when innocent viewers clicks on those ads, he/she gets paid. You get nothing.


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