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Are you lost when it comes to filing complaints when you are ill-treated or cheated by companies and even by our own government officials. Now, here’s a simple guide to introduce you to find a way out. It is not a comprehensive one, but I do hope that you will find these information extremely useful. I have clubbed it under various categories.


1. About Product and Service

Step 1. Contact customer care. Get your complaint number. It is must.

Step 2. If you don’t receive satisfactory results, try talking to the superviser or the manager. Please try to maintain call log of your phone calls. Now, if if still have issues, don’t forget to sent a complaint to the company via the customer e-mail. It will come in handy if you decide to pursue the matter in court later.

Step 3. Approach NGOs or get a lawyer. You can also take the help of National Consumer Helpline (1800-11-4000) and CORE ( Register your complain to the national ombudsman.

2. Stocks and Funds

Step 1. In case of delays, misrepresentation in sales or fraud, you should contact the investor customer service of the company.

Step 2. If step 1 fails, feel free to complain with SEBI through SCORES, which is a web-based centralised redressal system. The website address is You can register and also track your complaint.

Step 3. Still don’t like the outcome? Go to consumer courts.

3. Banking

Step 1. For complaints on your bank account, loans, fraud in credit card or any banking services, call up customer care.

Step 2. Give the 14 working days and if nothing happens within a month, approach the banking ombudsmen. There are about 15 of them and you can get the contact details from RBI website.

Step 3. If you are still unsatisfied, file appeal with appellate authority— in this case is the deputy governor of RBI— within 30 days.

4. Real Estate

Step 1. Write or call grievance cell/customer care of the real estate company.

Step 2. Still no help? Take it up with CREDAI, NAREDCO and National Association of Realtors. If your issue is about housing society, then write a formal complaint letter to the registrar/secretary of the Cooperative Housing Societies Federation.

Step 3. With no regulator, your final option is to approach either the civil and consumer courts.

4. Insurance

Step 1. Call up customer care of the insurance company.

Step 2. If customer care fails to address your problem, take it up with grievance redressal manager of your branch. You can get all the contact details of Grievance Register Offices at Don’t forget to file your complaint in writing and your receipt for the same.

Step 3. Call up Irda from a toll-free number 1800-4254-732 or you can send your complain to their e-mail [email protected]

5. Telecom

Step 1. Call customer care centre. You can approach your nearest stores in person or via SMS, e-mail or post. Remember, get your complaint number.

Step 2. Send your complaint to the nodal manager in your telecom circle. The list of managers are on their websites. It should not take more than 10 days for them to address your concerns.

Step 3. Still unhappy? Approach appellate authority within three months.

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