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Dear Facebook, I have been using you since 2008 with my synonym/nickname and I’ve never faced any problem. I was able to connect with just my friends and family members with whom I wanted to communicate and share photos and videos. Yes, i was satisfied!

However, you started giving me trouble in December 2015 by asking me to proof my identity with a message that says that in order to user your platform i must submit my legal name approved by a government agency. The documents include driving license, passport, utility bills, tax documents etc.

goodbye facebook

Is it time to say Goodbye to Facebook?

My problem does not stop here: I lost all my groups with huge number of members after I submitted. You forced me to convert my profile pages in to a business page which was never a business page. You’ve turned me into a businessman! ( ; )  But, let me thank you for making the ID verification process so difficult!

The question is why should i be parting with so much information about my personal information which i’m not even ready to share with the public? Don’t you think you have overstepped your boundary? Do you also know that Twitter allows people to have multiple accounts?

I think it is time you wake up and allow people to use nicknames and pseudonyms.

Here i come Google+ for you allow people to protect their privacy and do much more things at my liking.

[This is an open letter written by one of our readers/members and opinion are not ours – Editors]



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  • Janet February 4, 2016

    Has this happened to anyone else? Why did this happen to Aaron?


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