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Here’s the latest fake report calls from people who impersonate bank officials and are seeking your credit/debit card details.

Recently a call was received from this phone number +919205784755 who demanded people to give away their debit card  or credit card number.

It appears to a be a gang, as about five or six people, could be heard making similar calls in the background.

fake calls from banks

The lady caller at first confidently said she was calling from CITI Bank and when we replied we don’t have any account with that bank, she said sorry for making a mistake. She the inquired which bank we have the account. Knowing that it’s banks policy not to make calls to their customers, we decided to play along.

So, we said, our bank card is from ICICI (we never have one) and then she unleashed a series of questions.

Which is your card number in the front….written on the front 16 digit numbers which even people can know but you need not tell me your four-digit security code. Tell me that card number!   

Over the long conversion we told the woman, who claims to be from Mumbai Head Office of ICICI, random numbers. And voila, she must have checked it, it turns out to be wrong! Then comes the verbal abuse and in an almost threatening tone, she said: “Why are you not telling me the correct number! Tell me now the 16 numbers.”

We finally decided that it was enough! “I’m going to report you to the police!” That did the job, but before hanging up the call, she said, “Yes, report it…you fool (plus some expletive words).”


The question we want to ask today is: From where people who are impersonating banks get basic details of their targets? Is is a leak from the banks, social media account or other source?

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