I had deposited an amount of Rs 135000.00 on 24-03-2019 and a receipt to this effect was given to me on 26-03-2019 by mail. As per the  agreement  paper  given to me much later I had a window of  10 days for cancellation of the membership with a deduction of Rs 3800/-.I collected the agreement paper on  30-03-2019.  ON SCANNING THE AGREEMENT PAPER AND ON RECEIPT OF FEEDBACK FROM VARIOUS SOURCES I DECIDED TO CANCEL THE AGREEMENT .A mail to this effect was given by me on 06-04-2019 well within the window of 10 days requesting for cancellation less their admt charges of Rs 3800/-

I wish to state very clearly that I have been cheated by the lady sales rep along with her male Boss.

Her grounds of mis-statements were –

  1. T he company would arrange for my visit to any place in India through tie up arrangements even if it did not possess a property over there and this would be absolutely free for certain days.
  2. The company would provide me with free accommodation even outside India also for free where it had a tie up arrangement for a fixed period of days..
  3. I was supposed to pay a sum of rs650/- for all the three of us towards  breakfast and dinner.
  4. I was given an option of installment payment of membership fees for 12 months but at the time of payment the entire money was taken by credit card and I was told that the EMI would  be given by the Bank.
  5. The lady sales rep even told us that we could go on a trip and if we found that the club was not upto our liking we could cancel the membership with a nominal deduction.
  6. The company would provide car for travelling from one place to the other for our holiday trip for a nominal charge of Rs 10/- per km.
  7. A payment of Rs 10500/- would have to be given by me as GST charges when I avail the facilities of the club’s property and not otherwise.

On checking all the above I found that it was nothing but a bundle of lies to deceive me because whatever she had told were nothing but lies to cheat me.

  1. The tie arrangement is nothing but a eye wash because I will have to pay for the stay and is  not for free.
  2. The charges for stay outside India will cost me around $125/- and is not free as stated by them.
  3. No such payment of Rs 650/- is permitted but payments have to be made at actual as per the rules of the  place.
  4. The installment charges of the Bank would attract a high rate of interest by the Bank depending on the tenure and is not free.
  5. On enquiry with the company I was later told no such agreement exists.
  6. The company would charge me at the market rate and not as per the rate told by the sales rep.
  7. The charge of Rs 10500/- is maintenance charges to be paid every year which is compulsory .


I was not allowed to see the agreement properly although I was made to sign the same , everything was done within an hour or else we would not be eligible for this offer.

Based on the above I wrote several mails and also letters to their H.O. and local office. No letter came from their side but a mail from their customer care has come stating that since I had claimed beyond the 10 days cooling period the money would not be refunded and i am supposed to sell, transfer or rent the membership through my own contact .


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