Fake product from online store

I ordered Avon from online store Snapdeal,but i got Amway product instead. Please suggest me what to do.


Train Filed on May 28, 2015 in No Category.

Hopefully you will get response from the concern. Keep sharing the link so that more people will know your case and sellers are forced to take action.

on May 28, 2015.
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    Dear romeo,
    We apologize for the inconvenience. We care about your grievance, and your complaint has been noted and is currently being worked upon by our team. We would like to know more about your problem and its details. Please share your contact details and complaint description with us at [email protected], mentioning your order ID in the subject line of the mail.
    Thank you for cooperating.

    Snapdeal Online Team

    Supporter Answered on May 28, 2015.

    Very prompt. Keep up

    on May 28, 2015.
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