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Can I complaint ‘anonymously’ against government officials? This is one question many consumers and members of the public have in mind when they encounter corrupt government officials or those who are not doing their duties. In India, as per the latest directions issued by the Central Vigilance Commissioner Office (dated 25.11.2014), the government watchdog need not take any action on complaints filed anonymously (with no name)/ or those that are filed using psydonomous (false name).

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So, what can you do?

If you really want to file a complaint against corrupt officials, you must come forward and file your complaint in writing.

Exceptional cases:

However, in some cases, if you provide verifiable facts or information along with your anonymous complaint, an investigative officer in his own initiative can take appropriate actions. For instance, if you have a proof of an officer in an illegal property, you can provide an investigative officer with a CD or paper document alleging corruption charges. Based on the evidence, the issue can be pursued by the probe officer, but it is not guaranteed you will get justice.

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