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If you are planning to visit the UAE or its capital Abu Dhabi, here are some of the local laws which many western people considered it weird and strange.

By the way, do you know that you can be put in jail for 48 hours before you are taken to court.

So, here are the rules and laws in UAE:

1. UAE is not monarchy so you have little say

2. UAE is a Muslim country following Sharia laws.

3. On the Dubai beach and water-parks, you can use swimwear but be sure you buy what Muslim females are using.

4. Avoid mini skirts and revealing clothing.
5. Dress in a most conservative manner.

6. Do not take photos of political and military buildings.

7. Do not take photos of other people without permission

8. No kissing in public in UAE.

9. No eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking in public between sunset and sunrise.

10. No dancing and playing loud music in public.

11. For couples in UAE kissing, holding hands or hugging can land you in jail.

12. You cannot have food and beverages during day in the month of Ramadan.

13. Only Muslim holidays are important

14. You must have a license for drinking liquor.

15. Sex outside marriage no no. You could be put behind bars for up to six years or more.

16. If arrested, you will not be allowed to have access to external legal or consular help.

17. Everything is in Arabic but you will get translated version. But make sure the one you signed on says what what is translated to you.

18. Couples can’t hold hands and it is criminal offence to kiss in public or sex outside marriage.

19. Keeping painkillers like codeine and cold and flu medication can get you four-year jail sentence.

20. Sharing apartment with a friend of opposite sex is crime

21. Go to Abu Dhabi and Dubai only to make money and for fun go to so beautiful places where they respect your freedom and values.

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  • Barbara May 26, 2017

    You are wrong on many counts and have outdated info. There is no law against eating or drinking between sunset and sunrise. During Ramadan it is prohibited from eating or drinking in public during those times. However, now there are restaurants that are open and serve meals all day. If arrested or detained, you absolutely have access to legal aid and to help from your consulate. I hands with my boyfriend in public no problem. The malls are dressed for the holidays….there are Christmas trees and snowmen…lights for Diwali. You can wear a bikini on the beach but dress modestly in public…no daisy dukes. You may get looks but no harrassmwnt and there is no religious police.


    • ReligionHater July 19, 2017

      Doesn’t change the fact that it is a place to be avoided…


  • carlton October 13, 2017

    Very strange people indeed, sounds like a miserable and fearful place to be.


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