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American consumers have an interesting outlook towards service providers. Living in one of the most developed nations, the Americans have the privilege to seek the best from companies and service providers. Here are some interesting facts about the average American consumer. Take a look : –

American Consumers

1. American Consumer and Service Quality Fact

91 percent of American customers take customer service quality into consideration before deciding to do business with any brand or company.

2. American Consumer Reaction to Excellent Customer Service Fact

About 70 percent of American consumers are ready to spent more (13 percent) with brands, businesses that offers excellent customer service.

3. American Consumers Switching Service Fact

51 percent of American consumers switched service providers last year due to poor customer service.

4. American Consumer and Good Service Experience Fact

80 percent of American customers are more likely to give repeat business to businesses, brands that delivers great service experience.

5. American Consumer and Better Service Experience Fact

Three in five Americans (59 percent) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience.

6. American Consumer and Repeat Customer Spending Fact

Repeat customer in America spends is over 67 percent.

7. American Consumer and No Repeat Purchase Fact

While 52 percent do not give repeat business to businesses that fails to deliver great customer experience .

8. American Consumer and and Complaints Fact

In case of complaints, 70 percent of American consumers will do business again with you if you can resolve their complaints successfully.

9. American Consumer and Online Shopping Fact

When purchasing online, 81 percent of visitors expect help within five minutes.

10. American Consumer Online Spending Fact

60% of American customers are more likely to buy from website that offers live chat.

11. American Consumer & Dissatisfaction Fact

96% of dissatisfied customers never report about their dissatisfaction.

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