Vodafone India — Vodafone – Cheating there customers

I have very bad experience with Vodafone. I have activated 3GB 4G plan in month of September. I have requested for one month (i.e sept month) only. The customer care agreed with it and activated the plan.

The plan got auto renewed in month of October. When I spoke to customer care the person told me that the plan you activated is auto-renewal plan. Here I have been cheated by giving incorrect information.

Further, In month of October I requested again to deactivated 3GB 4G plan and activate 1GB 4G plan. The customer care took the request and I have received the message for the same. Still in month of November I have been charged for both the plans. When I called customer care they said no deactivation request was registered here.

Here how Vodafone customer care are fooling people. The same procedure repeated in month of December too. I don’t know which language this Vodafone people understand. This people are simply cheating people by adding more amount in billing amount. When we ask the clarification they blame customer that no such request was raised.
This is how Vadofone Fool people

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