State Bank Of India — Sub: regarding not receiving cash from atm

The branch manager
State bank of india
Puppal guda branch

Dear sir

Sub: regarding not receiving cash from atm at pnb atm at pandunagar, kanpur.
A/c no: a/c no:30207977524

I mohammad asifullah khan would like to bring to your notice that on 3rd jan 2017, i tried to withdraw rs 4000/- from pnb atm (Details given bellow) out set i did not receive money from the atm but deducted from my account.

Request your office to pls. Verify the transaction and credit back my amount.

1. Your bank, account number, and branch (Where you have your account)

State bank of india,
A/c no:30207977524
Puppal guda branch

2. Name of the bank whose atm was used and atm location
Punjab national bank
Pnb atm c2748100. Pandu nagar,

3. Date and time of transaction
Date: 31-jan -2017
Time:3:33 pm

4. Amount of attempted withdrawal
Rs 4000/-

5. Amount actually dispensed (If dispensed less amount) or no cash dispensed
No cash dispensed

6. Copy of the transaction slip
Transaction slip not received

8. Your name, address, phone number, and email id clearly in your complaint so that bo staff can contact you in case of need.

Mohammad asifullah khan
Flat no: 302
Manzil residency
Friends coloney, puppal guda

Mobile no:9030750040
Alternate no:9246229507

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