Shanay Holmes, Michigan, Michigan

The Person: Shanay Holmes, Michigan, Michigan
The Complaint: Identity Theft, Cyber Crimes, Page Hacking, Fraud, Murder, Credit Card Theft, Human S*x Trafficking, Stolen Kids, State W***e when arriving. Reports and witnesses are available to prove her poor mental stability to care for herself and other’s. She have went to Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia and more. She resides in Michigan to give diseases to her mate and poison them and family member’s shes jealous of unsure why.. When shes upset and insecure she attack people due to her being ate up with life and being a prostitute. Pain have been caused to good families including home wrecking and hospital abuse. Please beware of this lunatic as her family has nothing to do with her stupidity and ways to find to steal somebodys hard earned money while using faulty technology to cause harm to disabled people. The Lords blessing’s to those being victimized, taken for granted, setup and sometimes black mailed because she feel to do so by men shes have sexual relationships to obtain money to bring her family into a hole shes in. It isn’t worth me leaving a message as I have much to do with my life but it’s a really bad situation to ever be in when beautiful women hate and are jealous of other beautiful women to get ahead in life.. Sick in the Head… While trying to poison people with HIV and E.Coli.. Because she jacked her life up with Murder. As of now she after innocent people to obtain clean criminal records. She need to repent for her nasty sins! Home address 25540 Curtis Street Roseville, MI 48066. This address is fradulent aswell.. Soon a man will settle with her to teach her hopefully how to live like a real woman… And to leave the other women and home hard working men alone to give s*x..

Doctor Filed on March 1, 2018 in People.
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