Sasha Pauley, Virginia

The Person: Sasha Pauley, Virginia
The Complaint: Very strange person. She sought me out on social media out of no where and then wanted to meet. She met me at a parking garage in Newport news (which I thought was strange for a woman to do). We dated for a while and she always complained about how much she hated her job. She doesn’t like it when you complain about anything and always seems to turn anything she does as your fault. I found out she was cheating on me through a friend that saw her out with another guy. Now that I look back I do find it odd that she really did not tell me too much about her history that added up. Also, the weirdest event of all is when I told her when I met her I was going to deploy soon she did not seem to care and got upset when I would not let her live at my apartment when I was away.

Doctor Filed on February 17, 2018 in People.
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