Robert John Carilli Cocoa Beach Florida USA

The Person: Robert John Carilli Cocoa Beach Florida USA
The Complaint: I was engaged to this cheating a*****e and together for 5 years. Since I have kicked him out and moved on, but here you go, he’s a closest f*g that loves to be locked in chastity, kept wearing panties, b**t plugged and forced to suck c**k. Im safe at saying with as big as some of plugs that he has definitely taken it in the a*s a few times, by some rather large men.; I was wondering why he was wearing the chastity so much since I didnt have the keys and found out that a 60 year old guy had the keys and has kept him locked for over a year. By now he is all f*g and completely p***y free. contact him all you want his cell is 3219147083, his email is robtek at gmail

Doctor Filed on March 13, 2018 in People.
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