Delay in loan processing due to negligence of SBI RACPC South Mumbai staff

We (Mrs. Rupali and Dr. Amolkumar Hule) have applied for home equity loan (20 Lacs) through Byculla branch to RACPC Mumbai South on 11 May 2015. We had submitted all the required documents too. On 23 May I visited the RACPC Mumbai South (Chinchpokli) office and got to know that additonal document is required (which I was not asked to submit till date. If I would not have visited the office in person, it would have been further delayed). On the same day (23 May), I submitted the additional required document. I was told that the loan sanction & account opening will be completed by 27 May and I was given appointment of 28 May (5 to 6 pm by Bhavna Shah).

During my visit, the processing office Ms. Bhavna Shah was casual in her approch, saying that (in Hindi) “aapne pahale bhi loan liya hai, aapko to malum hi hoga ki SBI mein time to lagta hai”. I requested her to process the loan sooner as the requirements are all met. She was very casual in her approach and said that “we will work as per our speed and not based on customer’s requests”. I got the impression that this officer is pretending that she is loaded with work and she don’t want to do her work swiftly.

As of now I didnot receive any call for appointment confirmation. Kindly look into the matter and improve SBI services by – making the staff customer friendly by giving up the attitude of “customer is in need and we can take our sweet time to process their requests”. Practically, other competative banks (especially Pvt. banks) as providing much better services (and faster) to their customers. I am a patriotic person, wish to see India further flourishing…SBI being PSU is doing well but can do much much better if it’s employees get the right attitude of doing their duties ON OR BEFORE TIME TO DELIGHT THE CUSTOMER and to avoid delay in processing! Jai Hind! My email ID is:

Default Filed on May 28, 2015 in Bank.

Shame on such people. They should be made aware that their jobs are there because of people. Its not surprise to see why PSUs are slowly dying

on May 28, 2015.
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