Complaint against Vodafone India — Wrongly charged amount in last bill


This is regarding my latest bill for my number 7738004702 where I have been wrongly charged Rs 2000 on IRR which was a mistake from you end. I made a request for activating IRR through myvodafone app on 29th Dec for 5th-8th Jan 2017, whereas on 30th Dec I got a call from Vodafone that my IRR has already been activated. I immediately highlighted that they activated the IRR on wrong dates and they immediately told me that they will take the deactivation request. On which I told them that I am not asking for a deactivation request when I did not place a request to activate IRR on wrong dates. Over a course of next 24 hours, I received multiple calls from Vodafone saying that they have deactivated IRR and also committed to me that I will not be charged for this Rs 2000 amount which was a mistake from Vodafone’s end. Your 3 customer care representatives committed verbally on the same on calls on multiple timings. I placed a request to activate IRR on my actual dates of travel which was from 5th-8th Jan. The experience on the International roaming was then hassle free until I recently received my bill where I have been charged twice for IRR which was against your commitment. I called Vodafone call center and launched a complaint on 26th Jan and I was given a commitment of resolving the complaint within 48 hours. Since then, I have received SMS from Vodafone saying that they are unable to reach me because my phone is switched off which wasn’t the case. I have been receiving phone calls from the entire world but Vodafone billing department. After 26th Jan, I have called 199 on multiple occasions asking for the final call and have explained them the entire story again and again but they don’t seem to understand. They never check the history of the case, they are not empowered to take decisions and every time ask me to wait for 48 hours. I have waited for multiple 48 hours till date and have not got any solution. I have also highlighted to your team that this is a corporate account and for this international trip I am supposed to get signature of Raymond’s president and I can’t go to him with a wrong bill which would be an unethical practice. You representatives are unable to understand such minor issues of inconvenience that you have caused to me. I am writing this with utmost frustration and feel harassed by the entire way of handling a small issue which was your committed mistake.

I am now tired of hearing that your representative tried to call me and my phone was switched off. I am tired of hearing to wait for 48 hours. Apparently, I have now been informed that my complaint has been closed because my phone was switched off. I have also alarmed your team that I am not going to pay this wrong amount charged and I am not responsible for any late payment charges if Vodafone is unable to resolve this case within the payment due date. I am sure, your inability to rightly capture the records of customer conversation and taking 48 hours again and again will result in me not being able to pay the bill on time and I will have to fight another battle of late payment charges in future.

This is the worst experience of my life with Vodafone and I wish there is some ray of hope that it gets resolved. Hope you guys write back to me after you have checked the entire history of my case and don’t irritate me asking the same questions on which I have replied on multiple occasions on call to your executives.

I expect the revised bill with wrong Rs 2000 charges removed and an apology call/ mail from Vodafone for their inability to resolve the complaint and the mental agony that i have gone through.

Warm Regards,
Pawan Thukral
Manager – Park Avenue Marketing
Solitaire, First Floor,
Jekegram, Pokharan Road No.1,
Thane 400 606. India.
Phone: +91 22 61528152

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