Complaint against Icici Bank — Credit card- Auto Debit Retun fee.

Issue: Auto Debit Return Fee.

Summary: I have not opted in for auto debit service I want my money back for all the months i have paid for the service.

Off late there has been extremely disappointing customer service for me. I have been charged for auto debit fee for quite some time now, I dont know for how long, as I never activated or authorised to enable that service. I reached out to various credit card card related custimer service but the resolution has not been provided, I confirmed from the credit card executive who provided me the credit card and he says he has not activated that service. I have just being redirected to branch, customer service, credit card manager and now here. My expectation is I want the money to be rightfully reversed to my account that I have paid for that service so long.

I am unable to elaborate the issue completely here due to restricted characters to be typed. I am writing to this que expecting resolution as I have been played enough so far. I believe that I am asking for the money which has been charged to me incorrectly for the service I never opted-in for. My perception about ICICI has been changed completely overnight due to the service I received recently rude and unempathetic.

Default Filed on February 20, 2017 in Bank.
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