Amazon cheating, closed my account with 1800 INR in my Gift Card Balance

Hello, I mainly did online shopping from as I have the faith in it. Recently I live in a small place were packages do get lost/misplace, so I told Amazon about my lost products and they refunded my money, and also I have told my society RWA to keep a check my packages and make sure they don’t get lost. I have started paying 300 INR /- to RWA.

After few days, Amazon India closed my account without my knowledge with the reason of “Frequent refunds” I have explained my problem and told them it won’t happen again, still they did not bother to help out, and closed my account” I had 1800 INR in my ‘Gift Card Balance’, which Amazon is not allowing me to use and saying that they will not reinstate my account. They scammed me 1800 INR, and now they have even told me that they are not going to reply to my mails. They have closed all my family accounts, which caused relationship problems between us. This is mental harassment which I am facing by right now.

They are not reinstating my account so I can use up my remaining 1800 INR which is available in Gift Card Balance, they are not even to refund the amount which is available in my gift card balance. They completely scammed me, and now they are not even refunding my available amount in Gift Card balance or not even letting me use it. This is the only option left for me, I am also going to make a report on Amazon and submit in Delhi Consumer court and Saket high court too, if they do not help me out. Email sent by Amazon India: Amazon

Default Filed on May 29, 2015 in Online Shopping.

Looks like you got solid case here.

on May 29, 2015.
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    Keep sharing so that people will know what is the hard side of online shoping. Meanwhile i also wish Amazon will take up your issue. They have been pretty helpful with me so far.

    Train Answered on May 29, 2015.
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