Abused & harassed by ICICI bank for using my own hard earned money deposited with the bank

I am one of the poor customer abused by ICICI bank just because the home loan is not taken from HDFC & not from ICICI though my salary account is with ICICI.

I have got the loan approved from ICICI & HDFC but done disbursement from HDFC since got negative feedback from ICICI rom my friends.

Things went fine until I called up ICICI customer care & asked for premature closure of my fixed deposits on 22nd April since I want to prepay some amount of my huge loan.

Customer care asked me to place the request online & here to my shock the online banking services which was working fine just before the phone call , now stopped working.

I raised the complaint by again calling customer care & even send few mails regarding unavailability of online  banking services.

To verify is this the problem with only my account, have asked my wife to login to ICICI bank site, it worked & she is able to login.

I got the issue that my banking services have been deliberately hampered & have escalated the complaint to all levels including managing director.

But nothing has happened, even called customer care many times but my call is being hung up. Finally on 24th April night my banking services resumes after gap of more than 60 hrs.

I immediately placed the request of closing my fixed deposits & handed the cheque to HDFC, since it won’t take more than an hr to credit the amount in the account normally.

Below are the service request numbers generated on 24th April:

Service request Number 1:  SR410174880

Service request Number 2:  SR410174862

After 2 days, One has got credited after so many follow ups but one has still not been closed though the services request has been marked closed.

Due to this my cheque got dishonored since fixed deposit have not been closed even after 2 days. So it was trap being laid out to dishonor the cheque which got successfully implemented.

& I have been held ransom by the bank & am not able to use my own hard earned money, firstly because the basic banking services failure, & after that exceptional delay in crediting the fixed deposit amount.

So I want to raise the complaint on three issues with ICCI bank:

1)    The basic online banking services have been shut down for two days without any prior notice?

2)    The service request for liquidation of fixed deposit has been raised two days ago, why after two days itself the amount has not been credited in my account.

3)   My cheque issued has been dishonored due to all this which not only brings me financial loss but also leads to damage to my reputation & credibility.

I am following up with all levels of ICICI bank & on all fronts from social media to consumer forums but failed to get any credible reply from the organization.

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